Lead Based Paint Abatement

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Lead Based Paint Abatement

Lead Based Paint Abatement | Aztec Services Group, Inc. - Columbus, OH

The certified professionals at Aztec Services Group, Inc. bring over 80 years of combined experience in the business to bear on every lead based paint abatement project. Whether the lead based paint abatement project is large or small, the company will handle it capably and quickly. If you are looking for capable lead treatment in and around Cincinnati, OH, let Aztec Services Group, Inc. be your lead treatment specialist.

In the past, lead was used in paint to expedite drying,resist moisture, and maintain it's fresh appearance. It was only after lead became commonly used in paint and applied inside buildings that it was discovered to be a dangerous substance,which especially impacted the health of children. Health officials now acknowledge lead poisoning can cause serious developmental issues for children, as well as other damage.

As lead paint ages, it often chips or turns into dust. Exposure to lead dust or chips is especially dangerous for children, and pregnant women should stay away from this hazardous substance as well, as it can affect their fetus. Aztec Services Group, Inc. has the capability to help with lead based paint mitigation and lead based paint removal in buildings. It can safely remove lead dust from the air, water or soil.

Aztec Services Group, Inc. has qualified technicians, trained in OSHA requirements and safety regulations, and experienced in lead removal. It is a lead-safe certified company. The company’s project management team members have over two decades of experience in lead abatement and/or lead encapsulation services. The company has the proper certification for this work and performs lead remediation work that complies with all federal and state regulations.

You can trust Aztec Services Group, Inc. to assist you safely if you need:

• Lead paint removal
• Decontamination of lead dust
• Commercial lead clean-up services
• Indoor and outdoor lead and lead dust removal
• Disposal of soil contaminated by lead
• Lead paint encapsulation services
• Lead Paint remediation services

At Aztec Services Group, Inc., the lead remediation professionals use the most advanced techniques and equipment available. You can be confident you will get excellent results in every lead remediation or lead encapsulation job it performs. Trust the lead remediation pros to get your lead based paint abatement job done safely and efficiently.

If you have a lead contamination problem and you need lead paint removed, call Aztec Services Group, Inc. today! No matter what sized task you have, it will receive equal care and attention.