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With over 80 years of experience, Aztec Services Group, Inc. offers abatement services you can trust!

Cincinnati, OH customers can rely on Aztec Services Group, Inc. for exceptional demolition services!
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Asbestos Abatement


Lead Based Paint Abatement

Asbestos Abatement | Aztec Services Group, Inc.

Improper asbestos abatement and demolition methods can lead to injury, health risks, property damage and expensive repairs. Keeping this in...

Demolition | Aztec Services Group, Inc.

In addition to asbestos, lead and mold remediation services, Aztec Services Group, Inc. offersbuilding demolition services for residential, commercial...

Lead Based Paint Abatement | Aztec Services Group, Inc.

The certified professionals at Aztec Services Group, Inc. bring over 80 years of combined experience in the business to bear on every lead based paint...

Aztec Services Group, Inc. offers Cincinnati, OH safe and professionally executed mold remediation services!

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Aztec Services Group, Inc. is a leading regional asbestos and lead abatement, mold remediation and demolition services provider, serving Cincinnati, OH and its surrounding areas. It has more than 80 years of combined experience in the environmental remediation industry. The company has handled remediation projects in places such as ceilings, floors, walls and HVAC systems.Its highly trained professionals can handle any asbestos, lead, or mold problem you may have.

The abatement, demolition and remediation services offered by Aztec Services Group, Inc.include:

• Asbestos– Aztec Services Group Inc. is a leading regional environmental contractor.Asbestos abatement is a primary functional specialization of the company.

• Demolitions–The company offers structural and selective interior demolition and services for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental customers, irrespective of the presence of hazardous materials.

• Lead– The company’s highly trained abatement teams use the most advanced technologies, techniques, equipment,and materials available.

• Mold–Aztec Services Group Inc. follows current OSHA guidelines to remove mold growth on surfaces safely during the mold remediation process.

• 24/7 Emergency Response–Aztec Services Group Inc.’s certified technicians are available 24/7 for any of your hazardous material spill or other industrial, commercial, medical, or other emergency, including soil or water remediation needs.

No matter how big or small your problem, you can rely on Aztec Services Group, Inc. to remedy the problem safely and professionally for you. Its highly trained personnel will capably assess your situation, devise a remediation plan and complete the remedial work safely and effectively. The company places a high priority on safety and follows strict guidelines to maintain its high safety standards. You can rest assured it has the proper licensing and certification for this environmentally sensitive work.

You won’t regret relying on the professional services of an industry leading regional environmental contractor. For more information about what Aztec Services Group, Inc.can do for you in Cincinnati, OH or its surrounding area, contact the office today.

The company customizes every project to meet the needs of each customer. Customers served by Aztec Services Group, Inc., include:

• General contractors
• Manufacturing and other industrial customers
• Retail and other commercial customers
• Hospitality customers
• Medical customers
• Educational institutions
• Residential customers